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Hello againthe icon bookkeeping system provides avery straightforward way of creatingsales quotations to enter the quotationsystem click quotations on the admindashboard then click newquotation system is very similar to theinvoicing system enter date enter avalid until date give it a referenceselect a customer or you can add a newcustomer they're not yet one had acovering notebelow this you can add the details ofthe quotation so you can add the itemsso enter a description of an item anitem quantity and a unit price forquotations there's no treatment of vitso this is just the gross value go aswith invoicing you can then add furtherdetails if you wishyepthat's it for creating it so now it'shead back to the listing again your newquotation will be at the top of the listso now if you want to you can email itand your quotation will look like thissotation to covering note and then thedescription and the total valid untilanother useful feature is that should aquotation turn into a sale you canautomatically convert it to a salesinvoice by clicking this button invoiceinformation will be automaticallycreated where possible but you willstill need to assign a referencealthough it does try and use the onethey used for your quotation and thecorrect nominal codes for the items bydefault sets them as main income you canalso you might need to add in the backrapedso that's it thanks for listening byebye name